Why would I consider going vegan?

Most vegans usually have two lives, before and after meat. Again, usually most people live only one live, the first one, without ever discovering the real human nature. I can relate to the two lives I talk about because I lived in both of these two worlds.

Enikö Pal – Future and past.

Welcome to the dark side! It has meat and blood.

Vegans which are born from vegan parents and grown vegan understand things in their specific way. They really don’t understand why people eat animals if they are not meant to do that. On the other side there are people who blame vegans for destroying the planet and the future of their children. There are those who say vegans are bad because they don’t kill… animals, the nature and the planet. They state that vegans are bad because they kill lots and lots of plants. Are you serious for that? And yes they are serious, is one of their core belief. And from veganists, most of them are people who woke up from ignorance.

I do not blame, I just tell you the pure reality, and it damn hurts.

I don’t blame people for eating animals until they have the possibility to choose otherwise on their own, due to their small age, being obliged by relatives to eat the same food as the entire family is doing. But there is an age when you have to take your own decisions and take them right, at least the society entitles you to take charge on life on your own, make your own decision and be fully responsible for the consequences of your actions. At this moment I can say that you can stop eating animal products.

I’ve been in the same situation as most people do, living in ignorance and cruel traditions, living with diseases, with toxic blood in my veins from consumption of animal products. I grew up with animal products and vegetables from the garden and our own small farm. We eat meat because we need protein, and we drink milk for calcium, we eat products made from blood for iron. Pretty shitty thing!

One day I stopped eating animal products without knowing that is even called veganism and it is a part of a larger way of life. For me it was simple and beautiful. Since that day I am another person, I live a new life, I feel, I see, I have compassion, I save lives, I love, I AM!

Eating animals caused me a lot of problems and I still treat those years later, but I am happy that my eyes are opened now. No one helped me when I took the decision for going vegan. After I became vegan I started the study. I studied thousands of hours and read hundreds books related to this.

Nowadays you have other possibilities. It is easy to get informed, to find out quick and easy all that interest you. Since December 2018 you have access on the market to the guide I wrote, you have “Ghidul bobocului Vegan”. In rough translation the title means “The new vegan guide”.

Come out from the dark side! In veganism there is light, happiness and it can give you a purpose. You can make sure that you definitely love all that is alive and the planet we live on.

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